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Learn how to engage with international students

You are not alone!

Do you have questions about cross-cultural communication, building genuine relationships with international students, or reading the Bible with students that have never encountered the Gospel before? You are not alone!  

Sobremesa offers you a variety of resources to help you better understand how to befriend the international students around you. You are invited into a community of people seeking to take the same steps towards others. 

God’s World on Your Doorstep

God’s World on Your Doorstep is a practical booklet packed with advice on connecting cross-culturally with international students. From praying to planning to reaching out, this free download will give you a helpful foundation to get started. 

For additional reading and resources, see here.

Share the Welcome Video

There’s one message we want to get across to international students with Sobremesa – WELCOME. You and your student group can join the movement by sharing our Welcome Video on your online platforms.

Create a culture of acceptance and hospitality right from the outset.

Share this video across all your social media channels to send a message of ‘welcome’ for international students near you.


Looking for further resources? The Sobremesa group on IFES Connect hosts additional articles, videos, and website links to help you go deeper on your journey of befriending international students. Best of all, it offers a community where you can share your questions, stories, challenges, and joys with others who have taken up this call.  

How to join: 

  1. Visit to request admission. 
  1. Once accepted, click ‘Groups’ at the top of the page. 
  1. Click on the Sobremesa group and start sharing! 
  1. In the group, click on ‘Resource Library’ to find additional materials to help equip you. 
  • Vision

    Why are we are called to love our international classmates?

  • Be Inspired

    Explore stories of how God is working among international students today.